Porsche 911 2.7L OEM Bosch Ignition Distributor w/ Vacuum Advance #0231184007
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  • Part Number: 0231184007
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Part #: 0231184007 Manufacturer: Bosch - Stuttgart, Germany Vehicle Compatibility: 1974-1977 Porsche 911 w/ 2.7L flat six Notes: This is the Ignition Distributor from the 1974-1977 Porsche 911 2.7 Come as shown in photos, distributor + cap + vacuum advance Good used condition part, ready to go straight into your Porsche 911, tested in working order The donor engine these came out of was clean, low miles 2.7 Buyer is responsible for checking part #s and images for compatibility before purchase Please ask any questions you may have, I am more than happy to assist in any way I can Wear: All wear is shown in photos
Porsche, 911, 2.7L, OEM, Bosch, Ignition, Distributor, Vacuum, Advance