BMW E24 E23 E28 5 Series 6 Series TRX Metric Alloy Wheel Tire 36111124810
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  • Part Number: 36111124810
  • Fits: e24, e23, e28, 5 series
This is a BMW TRX metric 5 and 6 series casted alloy wheel with a metric Michelin TRX original tire. These wheels and tires were used from 1977-1995 on the E24 and E28 models of BMW. Tire has not been on the ground, as it still has the cosmoline wax from manufacturer. These are very rare, especially in this pristine condition. Great for a restoration project or your concours car. Michelin invented the TRX tire in 1975 permitting a more even distribution of tension in the casting, which is where the name TR or "Tension Repartie" (distributed tension) comes from. Superior design renowned for driveability combined with safety and comfort is what seperates TRX from the rest. Part #: 36111124810 Vehicle Compatibility: 1977-1995 E28 518 E28 520 E28 524 E28 525 E28 528 E28 533 E28 535 E28 535 E28 M5 E28 M535 E34 518 E34 520 E34 524 E34 525 E34 530 E34 535 E34 540 E34 M5 E24 628 E24 630 E24 633 E24 635 E24 M6 E24 M635 Notes: Wheel Size is 165TR390 (width 165mm, diameter 390mm) Tire Size is 200/60VR390 (200mm x 60mm x 390mm) Offset is 22mm Spins straight as an arrow, tire has 0 miles LIKE NEW OEM Wheel/Tire, great for restoration or driving Wear: All wear shown, if any Tire never been used, rim may have been mounted once (most likely spare)
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