BMW E46 M3 CSL OEM Large Case 210mm LSD Differential Input + Ouput Flanges
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  • Part Number: 33137840563, 33137840654
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Part #: Flange Left - 33137840563 Supersedes - 33132229393 Flange Right - 33137840654 Supersedes - 33132229394 Manufacturer: BMW - Munich, Germany Vehicle Compatibility: 2002-2006 BMW E46 M3 Coupe + Convertible 2002-2006 BMW E46 M3 CSL Coupe Notes: This is the Final Drive Large Case 210mm Output Flanges + Input Flangewe for the E46 M3 and M3 CSL The mounting bolts are included, comes as shown in photos Good used condition part, well maintained, ready to go into your E46 M3! Buyer is responsible for checking part #s and images for compatibility before purchase Wear: All wear is shown in photos
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