BMW E46 M3 OEM 210mm Large Case LSD Limited Slip Differential Spool
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  • Part Number: 33142229545
  • Fits: e46
BMW E46 M3 LSD Unit 210mm Large Case ____________________________ Part#: 33142229545 ____________________________ Manufacturer: BMW OEM ____________________________ Vehicle Compatibility: 210mm large case differential BMW's _____________________________ Notes: - Very good condition LSD unit - Donor car had 100,000 miles on it and was in very nice condition before being wrecked - One bearing has been dinged and will need to be replaced, please see pics - Comes as seen in pictures - CA residents are responsible for 8.5% sales tax - Please be sure that the part/part# is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing ____________________________ Wear: All wear/damage, if any, has been included in the photographs
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