Mangels VW Porsche Steel Wheel 5.5"x15" Wide 5 Bolt Pattern
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  • Fits: VW/Porsche wide 5-bolt pattern
Mangels Steel Wheel VW/Porsche Wide 5 5.5"x15" ____________________________ Manufacturer: Mangels Brazil ____________________________ Vehicle Compatibility: VW/Porsche wide 5 bolt pattern ________________________________ Notes: - Nice overall condition - Chrome is starting to show some age, a couple spots of surface rust - Rare 5.5" width - No curb rash - All tabs in place for hubcap - Wheel are round and true - Perfect for your Outlaw Vintage racer - Please be sure that the part/part# is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing ____________________________ Wear: All wear/damage, if any, has been included in the photographs
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