Porsche 911 & 964 (1974-1994) OEM Bosch Euro H4 Headlight Conversion with Rings
  • Id:22083
  • Price: $550
  • Part Number: 911 631 113 02
  • Fits: 911
Porsche 911 & 964 (1974-1994) OEM Bosch Euro H4 Headlight Conversion with Rings ____________________________ Part#: Bosch Part# 0301800732 Part# 91163102300, 911 631 023 00 ____________________________ Manufacturer: Porsche - BOSCH ____________________________ Vehicle Compatibility: (1974-1977) Porsche 911S (1978-1983) Porsche 911SC/Turbo (1984-1989) Porsche 911 Carrera/Turbo (1989-1994) Porsche 911 964 C2/C4/Turbo ____________________________ Notes: These are OEM Euro 964 headlights that were converted to fit on U.S G body fenders (1974-1994). The euro 964 headlights originally used a vacuum adjuster to adjust the level of light. They also originally only mounted to the Euro fender, but we’ve converted them to fit on U.S fenders. We also fabricated a new adjuster dial, so you can manually adjust the light level, instead of the original vacuum adjuster. In the last 2 photos, you’ll notice that one of the mounting tabs for the headlight on the fender will need to be cut off for this light to mount correctly. I’ve included two brand new Porsche made mounting screws, and two used OEM 964 headlight rings that are painted blue in this instance. The painted rings have no dents, and are easy to paint any color you need. The glass on the headlights is in good condition and both are very clear. There are a few small rock marks from use, but no cracks. Please be sure that the part/part# is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing
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