Porsche 911 E S 1970-1971 OEM Original Air Cleaner Filter Housing Assembly MFI
  • Id:5425
  • Price: $0
  • Part Number: 911.108.027.00, 911.108.043.01, 911.108.014.00
  • Fits: 911
Part#: Part# 91110802700, 911.108.027.00 Part# 91110804301, 911.108.043.01 Part# 91110801400, 911.108.014.00 4512085436 ____________________________ Manufacturer: Porsche OEM ____________________________ Vehicle Compatibility: (1970-1971) (Only works with Mechanical Fuel Injection, MFI) Porsche 911E, 911S ____________________________ Notes: This is a metal housing air cleaner with the extra hose provision that came on the pre 72 911’s.There is some minor surface wear to these parts. Nothing is broken on this entire assembly. There is a tiny bend that you can see in photo# 12. All of the clips on the covers are intact and work. This listing includes everything that you see in the photos Please be sure that the part/part# is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing
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